You can join us

Your Perception is a full member of the Global One VA alliance. The GlobalOne Alliance was created initially by Arabian Airlines and Western Virtual Airlines, who have been code sharing for over three years to destinations in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

The GlobalOne is intended to give pilots and passengers a greater variety of destinations to fly to, connecting its member VAs together through a highly detailed network of flights and code-shares, arranged by each member airline.

Passenger Benefits

Passengers will enjoy first class accommodations on any airline, regardless of which airline their ticket belongs to, at any one of our members alliance lounges in their major hubs of operation. In addition, standby passengers will enjoy the ability to be placed on any alliance flight to their particular destination depending on availability. Furthermore, passengers will be able to freely collect mileage redeemable on any alliance airline that can be used to plan vacations, and accommodations at partner hotels, railway companies, shipping companies and other ground and sea transport services by partner organizations.

Airline Benefits

Airlines will enjoy the following benefits when joining the alliance:

Fleet management assistance from larger airlines in the alliance with similar equipment and fleet capabilities. Includes maintenance assistance as well as equipment leasing at preferable rates depending on the financial situation of the receiving company.
Management and operations system assistance for airlines that are having problems with their operations.
Advertising rights to member airlines magazines and publications.
VATSIM support from member airline dispatching services at major hubs.
Coordinated use of terminals (depending on gate availability subject to time of flight) at major hubs.
Graphics assistance – route maps, logos. Fleet painting services Ground services at major hubs provided by resident airline at particular airport. Joint aircraft orders, to achieve greater commonality/maintenance ease and greater discounts from manufacturers, as well as greater power to define our wishes in relation to new aircraft developments.
Greater purchasing power/ better conditions for credits with major banks/ greater discounts for fuel/airport ground services/ better leasing rates with major leasers.
Joint check-in facilities, joint booking engines/databases/code share flights etc. (Depending on airline input.) The creation and implementation of a GlobalLogistics cargo division that will have fleet contributions and orders from all alliance members. The creation and implementation of a common logistics website where customers can book cargo and have it delivered via flights on VATSIM.
The continued research and development of flight booking systems based on actual demands of the FS flying public and the implementation of a join flyer-miles program where pilots, and passengers, can accumulate mileage/hours (respectively) and receive benefits such as increased stock options and upgrades. Pilots can receive dual certifications allowing them to fly for more than one airline after building up to a certain amount of hours with their home airline.
Allows for the sharing of pilot resources giving airlines increased capacity in times of higher-than-usual demand.