Whats in a name?

What’s in a name?

Your Perception is how you perceive the world. Different people perceive the world in a different way, because people are different. Recognizing this fact, can make the world a better place, because you will be able to understand and respect people from different parts in the world. You will value this diversity, because you can learn a lot.

Your Perception – the story

Your Perception was founded in 2004 by Frank van Soldt and Nick Horstmanshof. They recognized that pilots who are looking for a VA had the choice of thousends of virtual airlines, and they look all the same. Frank and Nick decided to start their own VA and do something completely different: creating a virtual flying community where people interested in virtual aviation can interact and get to know each other. The VA started from as a holiday charter airline with flights from Amsterdam and our pilots were flying frequently together.

A flight school was created to teach new pilots how to fly and many of them started their flightsim career at Your Perception. In the summer 2006 the VA was in a crisis, because of some conflicts between staff members. A new management team was formed and we decided to do something completely different: To become an international airline with homebase in Amsterdam, to join the prestigious Global One alliance, and to move towards professionalism of the Virtual Airline. Every day our staff is working to make this story never end.