Online casino perception

I would like to take this opportunity to write a little peace about the online casino industrie. Especially regarding the online casino industry when it comes to The Netherlands. The way the government handles this topic is mega outrageous. On 1 side the government wants to have a  bit of the tax incomes that come with the gambling industry , but on the other hand online gambling is illegal in the Netherlands.

The Dutch online casinos

Meaning. The online casinos can not officially target the dutch market. So there isn’t a dutch online casino officially. But there are a lot of casino comparison websites , that give you all kinds of information regarding the several online casino’s: and the casino bonusses and freespins you can get at those particular online casino’s. The potential dutch players are being redirected to the casino’s that accept dutch players.

Funny detail: These casinos state that they do not offer casino services to the dutch that live in the Netherlands, but they do offer the casinoservices t Dutch speaking players all over the world. Classic loophole. Everybody knows whats’s up, but there isn’t anything you can legally do about it. So let’s just all role with the punches. As we say from a figurative way of speaking.